Presented by Andre Rubin Santos at Agile Vietnam Conference 2018 (AVC 2018), the topic "What lies beyond the code?" find the answer for the question "What's check-mate in Software Development", which can be belongs to find the true meaning of coding.

Andre begin with the true meaning that we not only code, we improve the value to users, deliver a better and better value to users. So the check mate is to add Values to Users.

You have a lot of things need to do beside the code, not only code and code. What's difference between a Programmer and Software Engineer?

  • It's Programmer is only write the code,
  • While the Software Engineer write the code and know the value.

There's three levels of maturity of software developer is

  • Programmer: do their jobs by writing code
  • Software engineer: who know that speed is not the only factor, but quality as well
  • Software intrapreneur: who value meaningful results over just doing tasks; understand the meaning of the phrase “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend 6 of those hours sharpening my axe”; and truly understand that you don’t need to be writing code 100% of the time in order to be productive. After all, the best code is the one that doesn’t need to be written

"The fastest code is the code which does not run"

"The code easiest to mantain is the code that never written"

"The best code is no code at all. Every new line of code you willingly bring into the world os code that has to be debugged, code that has to be read and understood, code that has to be supported. Every  time you write a new code, you should do so reluctantly, under duress, because you completely exhausted all you other options." - Jeff Atwood

We're totally agree that we should to do smarter , not only harder. But how you can do that? How we can assessing value? The answer is that we can do efficiency and effectiveness.

So what's the action ? That's  you should practive to find 1 efficiency and 1 effectiveness on Monday, to find what you can do better more than only code.

Thanks for Agile Vietnam conference 2018 , for Andre provide me good keywords.

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