For Uiza, as well as SaaS Companies in general, when it comes to Product Development, it is better if there is no boundary between Product department, Growth department, Developer department, Quality Control department, isn't it?

Product Development in a Nutshell

First of all, let's us talk about the Product Development. In general, talents are the lifeblood of a company. It is essential that one should try to bring skilled specialists on board, who can greatly contribute to a product. While many things need to be done in order to lauch a new product, such as market scouting, market research, meeting potential clients, client analysis, etc. These are to help Product Owners understand client preferences, thus amplify your selling points and make your product stand out.

Second of all, Product Development requires data collection, market analysis, trend study, etc which are extremely critical. Instrusting these kind of jobs for the right candidates is a considerate move that any Product Owner need to take. Not everyone capables of working outside as well as talking to clients to find out what is their "Aha" moment. Only those who have the passion and ability to think out of the box might be able to accomplish such challenges in a way salary-paid workers would never think about. Either way, finding the right individual proofs to be quite a challenge for Product Owner. This is just another matter out of many aspects when it comes to Product Development.

Third of all, Product Development involves activities from many specialists. For instance, Uiza provides solutions for Video-on-demand, Live Streaming and Video Analytics. We offer Products and Services such as Video Streaming Platform, Transcode, Encode, CDN, Cloud Storage, Streaming OS, VOD, Live Stream, Video Processing, Video Statistic, Video Analytic. Since the technical nature of our services, Specialists need to possess adept skills in Video Streaming. This alone may be a problem due to the lack of specific knowledge. Our R&D department is always pioneer in technical solutions.

The case study

Recently, Uiza is researching Machine learning with Video Analysis. The goal is to improve the quality of video with pre-processing performance and smarter transcode video:

  • Transcode per title: Video is encoded based on the type / genre of video content. A video genre transcode profile is classified after collecting and analyzing essential elements include collecting genres, classification of categories, genre analysis, collecting videos by category, analyzing videos by category, and testing methods for testing bitrate to match each type, measure comparison, and finally store the results of each category of video analysis.
  • Component Detector: Improve quality area of object, detect logo, detect sensitive contents like violence, sex, and crime
  • Audio & Subtitle enhancer: Change voice in video, auto translations

As technical as it can be seen, these are to boost the Video Deliver Quality. In the end, it would benefit customers in direct or indirect ways. The hard part where anyone will encounter is to understand and deliver the same value through their contribution. When you look at the universal workflow in the book, it can be interpreted as listed down below:

  • A scout informs relevant marketing data
  • An analyst to analyze said data
  • Product Owners establish Strategic Objectives to serve customers
  • A R&D consultant projectiles technical methods to achieve Objectives
  • A Product Manager evaluates choices based on data testing to achieve the Objectives
  • A Developer Lead takes action to carry out Key Results according to Objective
  • A Quality Assurance Lead to minimize the risk and strictly keep things under control.
  • Another analyst to measure the Output result by analyzing customer response and behavior. Hence, the Product Development circle continue.

(A role can be executed by many people and vice versa)

The mistake

Above steps are what happens within Uiza. As methodological as it seem, our development circle is full of risks. The question is WHY? Our most encountered issues can be categorized and divided into 4 sections:

  1. Miss communication
  2. Miss deadline
  3. Bugs
  4. More bugs

We kept on investigating and make conclusions along with measures to be taken. Normally, we would want to keep things under control by creating more and more framework. We would check, double check or even triple check what our members are doing. Frameworks for team, group, division are continously created until we realized that they only worsen the situation.

The Answer

The key answer is in fact lies in front of our eyes. It is the VALUE we bring to customer, as we mentioned above, will serve as a bond while connecting us toward the same purpose. Instead of making more rules to bound people, we try to get our men aware of how our works greatly benefit customers. A long way ahead to tread on, indeed, yet that way we will shall go.

By Engineers, For Engineers!

Why our members consider ourselves as Engineers?
Our understanding of Engineers as professionals who shares a lot of characteristics with invent, design, analyze, construct and test out mechanism, systems to meet goals and requirements while secure their works by imposing safety and regulation. Engineers have been changing the world since the day we created fire, and made wonderous contructions. In this modern world, when people are preparing to reach out of space to discover a new era, the role of engineer becomes clearer than ever. Such goals can only be achieved when people work with each others, like a cogs assemble and work smoothly as a functional clock. It is the nature of humankind, and it is pretty much like what we - Uiza members are doing with our Product.

Since our Product is for Engineers, what is better than letting this product directed by Engineers? Most of the time, people just do their jobs, we get it.

  1. A Product Manager specializes in Product Management, he doesn't know how to code, so how does he becomes Engineers?  
  2. A Developer who is smart, but only lock himself in an introvert world, so how does he know how to sale?
  3. Why should I do his job? Why is he doing my job? (Considered to be the most toxic question of all)

We are not talking about people should acquire secondary skills to be regarded as Engineers. We want everyone acknowledge then embrace their very existence. By regarding ourselves as engineers, we blur the existing boundary between different teams, individuals, thus guide us toward a greater good. This is Uiza, a product build by engineers to serve engineers, and we are moving forward with this one and only motivation.

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