Content Delivery Network (CDN) are a layer in the internet ecosystem. It is the node deploys in multiple locations, the node CDN base on internet backbone. The purpose of CDN are reduce bandwidth cost, improve response time from server to client, increasing global availability of content. With CDNs, the server media at the Europe country can connect and process many user request at the Asia.

Many company want to introduce their service to end-user around the world, thus they must choose solutions to make their service always available in target locations. They hire most of node CDNs in the global to solve geographical problem and bandwidth cost at server side, they will pay a lot of money for node CDNs in a ground the world. However, media service using traditional CDNs not the only choose.

The peer-to-peer (P2P), the smallest method of connecting the device-device, such as a client connecting to a server that makes a tunnel to communicate with each other, however, the connection has a live. For example, we call the client's request to the server and session is time to connect. Instead of a request/response, a session has all client requests to the server and server response to the client. The device wants to connect first with the client and the server is listening to the device and the role will be reversed, but they will be sent directly together.

Traditional CDN:


- CDN was build a lot of node in the world such as Amazon Web Service (AWS) CloudFront they have 138 access point in 63 cities across 29 countries at 2018. The infrastructure of CDN is very large then it is the powerful tool for make your product using in the world.

- Each of node CDN was the separate host then your will control them like the normal computer. Nowadays, we can easy to apply CDN by some configuration after that we have “long hand” to provide their service to user in many country. The traditional CDN are stable system for website and media content, many company design their product base on CDN system and optimize with it.


- If your producer want to serve more user in many country, you most buy or rent a lot of node CDN that is make you spend a lot of money for paid CDN service. For media server, a lot of users want to download video, music simultaneously then your origin server will be over-load.



- Peer-to-peer information can be quickly transferred from origin device to destination device.The device opens the tunnel with peer-to-peer communication to transmit data to the destination device instead of sending a server and server to the destination device connected to the server.

- Reduce bandwidth cost at host server. The node P2P CDN, they can transfer data together, no need load to server that action makes the bandwidth at host can’t overload all the time. Which media server if we apply P2P CDN then bandwidth at server just provide content some user and they will share the content with other user want to get from server.

- P2P CDN can save your money, your system transform your customer bandwidth to P2P CDN system, of course, you must had permission from user to setup tiny CDN at user that will share data user got from your server to other user want your content too. It will save your money a lot instead of using traditional CDN.

- The technology P2P will handle a mount of user request to want same media source simultaneously. For example in streaming video service, specify in live streaming event the user aground the world watch the event may be reach 1 million people such as World Cup’s final match. Your system must be cover more than 1 million CCU (Con-c‌urrent User) or your system apply the P2P technology let user to share data with together.


- P2P CDN have some advantages but have seriously problem about security. The P2P can transmit data faster but it is exposed due to vulnerable system and easy to hack to steal content. We must invest in cryptographic to make content safety and design the system can against attack by hacker.

- Because we use bandwidth of user become the P2P CDN and we must have over thousand of user using the P2P technology to process efficiently. This is the challenge to manage all node in network and how to delivery content into swarm network more efficient.


In my opinion, we can choose P2P CDN media server with most event have a lot client using concurrent, the product usually have event with above conditions, then P2P technology will prove the ability. In general, we suggest choosing traditional CDN because the infrastructure is more stable and secure than P2P CDN.