Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality has become more and more popular. One can easily catch VR room providers in the mall. On the other hand, users can get their own VR accessories by contact with providers such as Sony, HTC, Oculus, Google. VR headset devices, gadgets along with VR resources like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, Werewolf within, Fallout 4 VR, Colosse, Ocean Rifts, Google Earth, etc; it is certain that VR is rapidly changing the way we see this world. User can now concentrate to the context of the scene and make yourself become a part of it.

Although gadgets are the way which connect us to the Virtual World, they hold we back in another way. Current gadgets limitation is common issue. User have to wear a large, heavy gadgets connected to computers with cables. Interaction is also limited by current game-design controller. Your surrounding environment also become a hinderance, which might cause impact when you perform an action in Virtual World. Wireless ones proof to be more convenience when they eliminate cable disadvantages.

Image source - European Space Agency

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience when an "augmented" subject generated by computer data resides in the real world. They often use  device camera and smartphone screen to construct the virtual objects with physical world. In this way, AR alters user's perception of real world environment.

The main value of AR is bringing digital components into the one's real world. User can feel immersive sensations which is provided through the integration of AR with smart devices, surrounding is perceived as natural parts of a real world environment. AR possibilities are many but not unlimited. AR was used largely in gaming businesses. There was a time when Pokemon Go became a trend in the world. AR brought a new concept of interactive gaming to the next level.

Pokemon Go - AR in gaming

Recently, people is getting interested in applying AR technology to education, knowledge sharing, managing online event and holding remote meetings. For example, AR transforms the way our world work, where content may be read by authorized scanning or viewing an encrypted image with a suitable smart device.

AR is also used to enhance the environment while enrich it with digital objects. With the arrival of advance AR technology, data and information about the surrounding environment can be manipulated, thus the world become more interactive. By overlying digital objects on the real world, user can measure objects with other calculable metrics or put objects into comparison. Therefore, AR has a lot of potential in gathering and sharing information.

Mixed Reality (MR)

With the study of VR and AR, researchers begin to develop a new type called Mixed Reality. MR is a combination of both VR and AR, captures the elements of real world, virtual world and digital objects interaction. Users now can see, react and interact with both real world and computer-generated graphics at the same time without interfering each other.

MR technology is getting started with Microsoft’s HoloLens, which is one of the most notable early MR technology adaptation. Instead of using current gadgets, Microsoft solution doesn't involve them at all. They simulate a large virtual environment using multiple projectors while sensors will locate and capture target users motions and movements. If users interact with the objects or environment, a corresponding graphic will be created simultaneously to match with user's behavior.

Window Mixed Reality - Source from

Although MR development have many common with VR, MR has higher criteria in order to work. Therefore, investing effort is much larger, many MR solution are still in lab test.

In conclusion, the technology world is changing faster than ever. It is possible that in the near future, Virtual World technology will change the way how we see this world. It might also create a new content genres and change the whole entertainment industry. The moment when physical world merge with virtual world is really something to witness.