The rising demand of Live Stream

Social interaction, E-sport, E-education are no longer unusual terms. The rise of internet helps reducing geography borderline. Nowadays, people yearn to be connected. They want to socialize, communicate with like-mind individuals, who share same interests.

E-sport stands as an example for live streaming demand. Audience want to experience high resolution content. Entertainment in general, audience don't want to miss any single frame, thus content delivery should be as stable as possible. Real-time also is a considerable factor.

Source from Dota 2 - the International

Others such as E-education, social interaction should be fast and convenient. Due to the need of high interaction between people, content delivery is differ from the method above. Interaction should be real-time to increase communication efficiency.

Knowing the need of customers, we introduce you to our video cloud service. Our goal is to improve customer Cloud Streaming experience with the help of the video cloud technology.

Your demand - Our technology - Best experience

High definition

A key element to better experience is high definition. Advance graphic quality helps to transfer the idea better, hence promotes emotional feelings to a new level.

For your Cloud Streaming services, Uiza provides high resolution up to 4K. For customers who prefer stability over quality, we offer 1080p standard resolution. Uiza also supports a wide range of devices to create and hold a live content.

Low latency

Ultra-low latency is a critical factor in live streaming services. In sport, you probably don't want to miss any second which can turn the tide of the game. We want our customers to have the best experiences. Therefore, we has established and cooperated with high-quality CDN suppliers worldwide to keep latency as low as possible. The result is rather heart-warming because Uiza performance is no longer than 3 seconds delay, even when you operate with multiple sessions.


When establishing a live event room, interaction proofs to be the key point of building a relationship between host and audience. In certain scenarios such as online teaching, social video call, host and audience need immediate interactions and quick answers. We understand that it is important to our customer having a good interaction experience. Uiza has setup interaction system for Cloud Streaming services. This includes social comments, access to social media feeds, image, gif, gifts. Now customers can express their thought, interact with the host and other audiences differently.

With Uiza, your Live event creation can never be so simple. A device is what needed to do go live and make you become the host of an event.