Over the last 2 decades, the world has seen a tremendous growth of Internet developer-focused startups, those have created new markets like GitHub, New Relic, Algolia or been disrupting existing ones like Stripe and Twilio. One of the must-ask questions for VCs as well as early-adopting customers to ask startups in this digital transforming era where tech giants invest their excessive income to enter as many markets as possible is: “How do you differentiate from Google/AWS/Microsoft…?”.

Started over a year ago with a team of 15 video engineers, now grew to 35 and counting, Uiza carries the mission “to make videos universally accessible”, or in another way, to disrupt the video streaming software market. We’ve been getting the same question: “What is your differences that make users choose you over AWS Elemental?”. The brief answer would be as follow.

Video technology as well as video SaaS have been very complex even for engineers with years of experience in video streaming. Therefore, Uiza is all about abstraction and we categorize this abstraction into 3 categories: software, infrastructure and pricing model.

We abstract complex and fragmented components of video software such as ingestion, encoding, packaging, streaming, data analyzing… into a single interface and deliver through simple APIs and ready-to-use SDKs that developers could use to add video function to their apps and see their first video appears in few minutes with minimum coding effort.

In order to be able to offer Scalability and Stability, we abstract all the computing resources and treat them as one single giant machine. By pursuing hardware-agnosticism, Uiza is not locked in by any cloud service provider and operates on multiple layers of infrastructure to leverage the advantages of each.

Finally, we eliminate the complexity and confusion of numerous pricing models of each components of video SaaS and offer one simple, transparent and most importantly, predictable pricing model. Uiza’s pricing model is based on one unit that is the most straightforward: Minutes!

The benefits these abstractions bring to Uiza’s customer is the “4S”, meaning Stability - Scalability - Simplicity - Savings.

Let’s delve in deeper into the comparison of Uiza and AWS Elemental.

Executive Summary

  • Uiza is the premium streaming experience for your app. Whether video-on-demand or live streaming, your user experience all the essential features that audience expect from streaming.
  • Uiza brings your application to global reach out with a local cost.
  • Uiza delivers streaming in a different abstraction. Let's say you want to drive, all that you need is a car, not car components. Today, if you want to add video to your software using Google Anvato or AWS Elemental you need to build a very complex, specialized workflows around components like files, jobs, playlists, cache, ingestion, edge but not video. It is like all you need is driving a car but you must buy every car components and assemble them together to get it running.
  • Uiza doesn’t provide a set of video toolkit, we provide reliability, we are VideoOps.

Uiza’s Key Differentiators

  • Premium video and live streaming experience
  • Comprehensive streaming architect via a single API interface
  • Simple pricing model
  • Distinctive support and SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Premium video and live streaming experience

Uiza’s architecture is optimized for video and live streaming. To ensure scalability and video performance in different countries and regions, we designed a AI-based controller to incorporate multiple layers of infrastructure and navigate data streams in a distributed network of servers. The problem is underlying in countries those don’t have AWS or Google Cloud’s footprints such as Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia or Bangladesh.

One of the biggest problem that Uiza solves is the peering between different infrastructures of different ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Peering congestion between ISPs are more popular than not, especially in time that the CCU spikes, for the World Cup finale for example, making video performance dramatically drops or crashes even. By providing a managed service of infrastructure where our Uiza Media Distribution controller navigates video streams in a mesh network and balance the load on peering connections and eliminate congestions.

A/B Testing result between Uiza and AWS combined with JWPlayer for audiences in South East Asia region.

Comprehensive streaming architect via a single API interface

Uiza and AWS Elemental targets different group of users. While AWS Elemental offers a platform full of manual technical configuration that allows heavy customization of video processing, Uiza offers a comprehensive streaming architect via a single API interface for diverse use cases.

You has to be a video engineer with in-depth knowledge of video as well as other AWS services such as S3 and CloudFront to utilize Elemental. On the contrary, Uiza focus on abstracting video technologies so that any developer could build a robust video streaming app within a short of time with their own customized features.


Simple pricing model

AWS Elemental has different pricing model for each services and the unit costs vary across regions along with additional charges make it seems impossible to forecast your monthly expense accurately.

AWS Elemental MediaConvert Pricing
Additional Charges of AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Uiza, on the other hand, offers a simple, transparent and predictable pricing model that is based on video minutes.

Uiza's Pricing Model

Distinctive support and SLA

We don’t provide a set of video toolkit, we provide reliability, we are VideoOps.

  • 24/7 support with dedicated technical support engineer via email, chat and phone. On-site support within 24 hours in SEA as requested.
  • Provided as a Managed Service with a designated support team including Senior Solution Architect and Technical Support Engineers.
  • Streaming and API Uptime SLA up to 99.999%.
  • Video Performance SLA committed (Video Startups Time, Playback failure rate, Seek latency, Rebuffer rate etc.).
  • Response Times: under 15 minutes.

Key Takeaways

AWS Elemental is the media service that focuses on video processing and allow hardcore configurations. It requires a team of video experts to set up and build video streaming service upon this platform. The pricing model is relatively complex as well.

On the other hand, Uiza is a great option for agile development and solving more diverse problems than video processing. We do the heavy lifting so that you could spend your resources in more critical matters to your business.

However, we understand there’s no better comparison that the one your team will conduct. We openly encourage you to compare our technology. Let us know if we can help you in this process.