Peer to Peer Technology

For us, the internet is important. It helps us grow economically, information, etc, and itself faster, the engineer has made it faster by creating some method and changing some architect, one of which is peer - to - peer technology.

Every computer with a client role will be informed or connected to other computer servers with the client/server model. This must be an important server for a long time. The role of the server will provide a lot of service and some server will serve a mount of client access / request it, then the server should have a powerful machine to adapt a mount of request, because of massive requests on time and a large bandwidth of the network on the server. We can call it centralization that calculates all on one computer and expects results from the customer. This architect slows down if the network bandwidth is overloaded on the processed server machine or server machine.

Fig. 1: Client – Server model - Source:

Model client / server used many applications such as website, server side, API, software, etc. The client / server model is still widely used in some domain today.

The peer-to-peer (P2P), the smallest method of connecting the device-a device, such as a client connecting to a server that makes a tunnel to communicate with each other, but some other, the connection has a live connection during the client. For example, we call the client's request to the server and session is time to connect. Instead of a request / response, a session has all client requests to the server and server response to the client. The device wants to connect first with the client and the server is listening to the device and the role will be reversed, but they will be sent directly to them.

Fig.2: Peer to peer network - Source:

Similar to other client / server model, but the peer - to - peer network has no center server, the client / server role of each device was played by all devices joining the network. P2P systems used in the application must communicate low latency directly, etc


  • Peer-to-peer information can be quickly transferred from device to destination device.The device opens the tunnel with peer-to-peer communication to transmit data to the destination device instead of sending a server and server to the destination device connected to the server.
  • In many applications, the P2P network was used with a simple method of transferring packet data. Example: File sharing, content delivery, multimedia, torrent, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), etc


  • Due to the very fast transmission of P2P, direct connection so that it is not safe, your data may be corrupted or malware sometimes transmitted into data.
  • It's the vulnerable system to hacking with internet routing traffic.
  • P2P applications, like any other form of software, may contain vulnerabilities. What makes P2P software particularly dangerous then poses challenges from a computer security perspective.


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