Singapore-based video platform Uiza today beat five other startups in the Arena pitch battle at Tech in Asia Jakarta 2018, pocketing Rp 50 million (US$3,300) in the process.

Tech in Asia Jakarta 2018 Arena pitch battle winners / Photo credit: Tech in Asia

Whether you’re looking to build a video subscription app or publish videos on multi-channels, Uiza has developed a ready-to-use toolkit that will allow you to do so on top of Uiza’s API platform. The startup, which has raised fundingfrom ESP Capital and Japanese IT firm Framgia, also uses data science to optimize viewing experience. It’s servicing 100 apps currently and has booked an annual recurring revenue of US$312,000 in 2017.

Here are the other brave contenders, in alphabetical order:

Bizhare (Indonesia)

A huge number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia still lack crucial funding to expand their businesses. Bizhare is on a mission to help those SMEs. Through its platform, people can invest in and become part-owners of SMEs for as low as Rp 5 million, and earn returns on a monthly basis. It’s not your usual equity crowdfunding startup, however. Bizhare employs AI and machine learning to analyze the risk profiles of SMEs and investors’ profiles, too. That way, it can match investors with businesses that best suit their appetite.

Danabijak (Indonesia)

Catering to Indonesia’s underbanked, Danabijak is a marketplace where people can apply for microloans to finance things like business capital, medical treatment, and school tuition. The startup uses both traditional and alternative data points to assess borrowers who have low salary and no prior credit history. Its algorithms not only match lenders and borrowers based on their profiles, but also detects fraud.

Datanest (Indonesia)

Companies normally keep their data in silos, which means that data is closed off from their other systems, rendering it mostly unutilized. That’s where Datanest comes in. The startup serves as a “data science-as-a-service” platform that bridges those silos and helps businesses analyze their data using AI and machine learning. For its first use case, Datanest launched a fintech aggregator platform that allows people to search for, compare, and apply for loans. It also recently added a credit scoring feature.

Medi Whale (South Korea)

Eye disease is the most common form of complication from chronic illnesses such as hypertension and cardiovascular ailments. The eyes are the only organs whose vessels can be analyzed through non-invasive methods, according to Medi Whale. To this end, the company developed an AI technology that uses retinal images as biomarkers to identify any health risks.

Screea (Taiwan)

Backed by Taipei-based accelerator Mox, Screea is a universal rewards platform where users can earn and spend points anywhere around the globe.Second and third place went to Datanest and Danabijak, respectively.

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