Online video has become a force to be reckoned with, and the stats speak for themselves. Users are more likely to buy products, retain information and engage with video content than any other type of online media.
That leaves every business looking for ways to integrate their own streaming video services into their platforms and applications. Unfortunately, while it’s very easy for the end user to now upload videos to hosting and streaming services, the behind the scenes process is a little more complicated.
While in the past, the only course of action was to build your own streaming video platform from the ground up, there are more options now that you might want to consider. So, should you build or buy your video solution? In this article, we’ll be weighing the pros and cons to help you decide.

In-house video solutions

An in-house solution offers you the best customization options. Since you’re building it yourself then you obviously will have the most control over this verses using someone else’s platform.
However, you’re also going to have to pay a hefty price for that level of ownership.
Building a product like this from scratch will take many months of development to complete, and it will also require a large upfront investment before the feature can be released. Not to mention the exhausting amount of maintenance that’s required to keep a streaming video network up and running on the day to day.
However, the biggest drawback to building your own in-house solution is that you’ll likely need to either hire or outsource talent to complete the project. A project like this requires a specific engineering background that specializes in video. Even if you already have a team of in-house developers they likely would not be prepared to handle a project of this nature. If you’re a lean startup or an application that’s just getting started, then this will take out a huge chunk of your development budget. You’ll need to be honest with yourself as to whether or not your company can afford to develop a feature like this in-house.

White-label video solution

White-label solutions are popular in nearly every industry, and the reason for that is that they save those businesses a ton of money that they’d otherwise spend manufacturing their own solution. Everyone from your local grocery store to your favorite SaaS product is likely using something that is actually not really theirs.
The original creator of this product simply sells you the end product, puts your branding on it, and the consumer never knows or cares to know that you didn’t build it yourself.

This provides a plethora of benefits to your business, including the fact that you can deliver a streaming video solution to your platform in record time. White-label solutions have already been built, and most providers are constantly adding new features for you to take advantage of.
You also won’t need to allocate large portions of your budget to a new development team to handle building the streaming service. Your TOC will likely be much lower as well, because SaaS products can actually be quite affordable.
As with everything, there are some cons to buying a video streaming SaaS rather than building your video streaming solution. We already talked about having less ability to customize your platform to your liking, but sometimes integrating video SDKs can be a pain.
You’ll also need to make sure to take your time when selecting a video streaming platform. Not every service is created equal, and if you make a bad pick then things could go south quickly. Some platforms make it incredibly difficult to migrate to another video SaaS service if you decide to go with another provider later.

Why Uiza should be your top choice for video

Uiza is a ready to go video tool-kit that allows you to use video SDKs and video APIs to build a great streaming video experience no matter what kind of users you’re targeting. It’s a great choice for a wide variety of online businesses from social media platforms looking to engage their users with video to e-commerce stores trying to net more buyers. Uiza offers developers:
● Simplicity
You’ll never be out in the cold with Uiza. Our tools are not only easy to use, but we also offer detailed guidance and tutorials to help get you started. You can begin deploying our solution in minutes, not months.
At uiza, we understand that sticking to your budget is important. We’ve created a simple and flexible pricing model to help you do just that. We think you’ll find our service an excellent value compared to enterprise level solutions as well.

● Scalability
Uiza uses a multi-layer infrastructure and a CDN. This allows our platform to provide maximum scalability, and to handle peak usage times flawlessly for our users.

● Stability
If your website or its features are down you’re losing visitors, and you’re losing money. Downtime threatens the trust you’ve built with your users, but you don’t have to worry about that with Uiza. We offer high uptime of up to 99.999% so your users can stream video confidently.

● Savings
You might be wondering how Uiza is able to offer such excellent pricing and still provide great service. The secret is that we leverage local infrastructure to cut our own costs and then we pass those savings on to you. This allows us to keep prices low without sacrificing quality. Try Uiza today with a free developer account. Uiza is made by developers, for developers. We understand the challenges that projects like
yours face every day. We’re dedicated to providing the tools developers need to make better software applications and make the whole process more affordable than ever before. Interested in seeing what Uiza can do for you and your company? Give us a trial run with a free developer account to see just how easy implementing streaming video can be. If you decide that we’re the right solution for your application, then you can easily upgrade to a paid account and take advantage of our premium features like analytics, enhanced video features, and live streaming.

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